He knew Rolo was a light sleeper, well he had to be. He was an assassin after all. Deep down he was disgusted how he claim Nunnally’s room as his own. Why did Rolo want to be Lelouch’s little brother so badly? Sometimes he wondered if the boy ever even dreamed, if he did Lelouch knew it was probably nightmares. Even if he was using Rolo, he felt protected with him, he always got him out of sticky situations.

Anything he needed? No, he didn’t want anything from Rolo other than help him get Nunnally back. He noticed Rolo staring at him, but he just ignored it. “No, other than spend time with my little brother.” He was so used to lying to people, it became so easily whenever he talked or was around Rolo. He sat down by his desk and put a small smile on his face. “Well, if you’re not busy this morning perhaps I could cook you some breakfast?” Lelouch may lack physical strength, but there were many things he was good at like, domestic household stuff. “Get dress, don’t worry if you want, I can wait outside your door.”

Rolo blinked as Lelouch sat at his desk and smiled at him. He really loved the feeling of his brother dotting on him. No one else had ever done that for him. Not that he’d ever actually needed to be coddled; he had no trouble taking care of himself, and that was a proven fact. What other kid his age was a trained assassin in the government? He hadn’t been doing such a good job with the government part anymore… not since he teamed up with Lelouch. Still, he liked when Lelouch cared about him. 

"I’m not busy at all!" He said, almost too eagerly. All he’d had planned was some training and then sitting in the control room until Viletta came down, so he could convince her that Lelouch hadn’t remembered anything. But, he didn’t really need to do that. He could just meet up with her later on in the day anyways. “Yeah, I’d like that! I can help if you want!”

Getting dressed? “U - Uh, no, it’s fine.” Siblings could change in front of each other, right? It wasn’t like he had anything particular to be ashamed of… He pushed himself out of bed and walked over to his closet, then looked through the clothes. It was the weekend, so he didn’t need to wear his uniform. Rolo pulled out a pair of blue shorts and a black t-shirt, “is this okay?”

6 pictures of Rolo Lamperouge

6 pictures of Rolo Lamperouge

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Lelouch is always busy, between school and The Black Knights, he realized that he barely spent anytime with Rolo. Though, he did try to avoid it constantly, but he knew he had to act like he did care for Rolo. He hated it though, just the way he acts like Nunnally’s replacement. He never seen anything more to Rolo other than a tool for his chess game. In fact, most people he associated himself were except for a few. He got up from his bed and put on his white button shirt on, half buttoned, and threw on some black pants on. He looked at himself in the mirror, he didn’t look so happy but he knew he had to get this ‘quality time’ with Rolo over with. “Rolo, you will never be Nunnally, act all you want. I don’t care, but I will pretend that I do.” The only person that he told about his frustation with Rolo was C.C., but she was not here to give some of her cold yet very blunt advice. 

He walked out of his room, towards Rolo’s room. On his way there, he kept thinking to himself that maybe he was being too hard on Rolo, after all underneath that trained assassin was a kid that craved for affection. No matter how he put it, or how much his hatrad for Rolo always increased and decreased, he is always by his side. He stared at Rolo’s door for a while before finally deciding to knock. Knock, knock, Knock. He turned the knob and let himself in. He knew Rolo wouldn’t mind even if he was sleeping because he adored him, which Lelouch really didn’t know why. “Morning, Rolo.” As he opened the curtains to let the sun in. He scanned his room to see anything out of the ordinary which he did frequently. Nothing, everything seems to be normal. 

Rolo was in a dreamless sleep, deep asleep from his long hours of convincing Suzaku that, no, Lelouch really hadn’t regained his memory. The other man’s persistence on the subject was getting very annoying, and tricky. He knew he couldn’t just get rid of the knight of the round, because of his high military standing, so it was tricky. He’d gotten better . at lying, though it was still exhausting. Still, he’d do anything as long as Lelouch was safe and protected.

He was always on edge, always waiting, so when he heard Lelouch step into his room he instantly woke up, and sat up in his bed. Or, Nunnally’s bed… but it was his now. Just as Lelouch was his brother now. He rubbed sleepily at his eyes as Lelouch opened the blinds, letting the sun illuminate over his ‘brother’s’ slim figure. Lelouch was perfect, and he couldn’t help staring. “Nii-san!” He finally said, his voice a bit raspy from just waking up. “Was there something you needed?”

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Sitting by the trees, under the sunlight, the scissors were very loud. My brother’s hands brushed suavely through my hair… as if I were the most precious thing in the world. But it really shouldn’t have been me. It should’ve been Nunnally, your real sister, I know that. But I don’t care. I just don’t want to lose you. You’re… the only family that I have. That’s why I… I…

Rolo Lamperouge in R2 Turn 19.02

Rolo… What was our relationship in the end? It’s strange to think that even knowing the truth… you still… you, of all people, stuck by me to the very last. Yeah… I always realize these things when it’s too late. To you, I wasn’t Lelouch Vi Britannia, was I? I was Lelouch Lamperouge, your big brother.

Lelouch Lamperouge

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you’re going to die, arent you?
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